Conditions of Use

Manzana Learning provides its subject to the following conditions.

By using Manzana Learning Services, you agree to these conditions. Please read them carefully.

Electronic communications

When you use Manzana Learning Services or send e-mails and other communications to us, you consent that we may start an electronic communication with you, including e-mails, messages on this site or texts. You agree that all agreements, disclosures, and other communications satisfy any legal requirement, as if they were provided in writing.


All material included in or made available through Manzana Learning is the property of Manzana Learning. This includes texts, audios, documents, logos, images or any other content. Manzana Learning contents are protected by United States and international copyright laws.


The purchase of our services allows you access to Manzana Learning´s courses through Canvas platform. After you have placed your order, you will be sent a code that will allow you use and access to the contracted materials. An order may specify applicable fees, how long you are authorized to use the service, and other terms. Manzana Learning reserves the right to change prices and to modify, add or change the services at any time without prior notice.

Invoices will be dispatched electronically and will be generated and sent as soon as possible.

Our services are provided to individual subjects under the condition that they are not used by any entity other than the costumer– including companies, institutions, or individuals. Services should not be circulated, shown, resold, or hired to third parties.

The customer acknowledges that no right on copyright or intellectual property is conferred with the purchase of our services. Contents are entirely owned by Manzana Learning.

Returns and refunds.

No refunds or returns will be allowed.