Who is Manzana Learning?

Manzana Learning is a company owned by graphic and web designers, professors, multimedia creators and talented authors. The company was created in 2017 and has been since producing, testing and improving top-quality second-language, higher education courses, in Canvas.

We are a staff of over 20 people who have your success at heart. We combine the talent of hard-working people from different countries, including the United States, operating in different time zones and uniting our efforts to develop the best materials and to provide the best support. We are convinced of the importance of maintaining this spirit of cooperation as it is intimately connected to the success of our business model.

We are aware of the extra burden that the high cost of materials imposes on our students. We believe that a highly professional, but lean and frugal operation, is the only viable and sustainable model for instructional materials.  We are your colleagues and will always prioritize your needs and those of your students, over profits.

About our courses