Instructors’ Testimonials

Since adopting Amig@s por siempre, I have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my instruction. Not having to deal with two different platforms (Canvas and the Publisher’s), being able to customize and personalize my Canvas course, and having my students work with Amig@s’ life-rich content, have helped me teach the best classes of my life.

Dr. Juan Casillas Núñez, Santa Barbara City College

I can’t remember who said that teaching second languages was a “thinking-light” discipline, but he was right. This has changed with Amig@s por siempre.

Instructor 2
Students’ Testimonials

What I have found, is that speaking Spanish to people I know, they have noticed a big improvement from when I began the course to where I am today. I really enjoyed the class. Thank you.

Ryan Thomas

I did very well in this class and I also spent a lof of time doing my homework assignments. Plus, practicing listening skills and speaking skills. I am not perfect, but comparing the beginning of the semester up to now, I see I improved a lot.

Sunny Raymond

I enjoyed this class tremendously and I appreciate that I was able to take it online.

Lynn Schmidt