Instructors’ Testimonials

Finally! Yes, I finally found what I had been searching for during years. I am a Spanish professor, and my passion is teaching Heritage learners. I have worked with various programs from renowned publishers and was never fully satisfied with the resources, books, and platforms. Now, having taught for three semesters with Latin@s por siempre, and after having trained a colleague to use the materials; I can affirm that the best decision was to adopt the Canvas program from Manzana Learning. Latin@s por siempre is a dynamic, creative and inclusive program that engages both the student and the teacher in a fascinating way. It breaks paradigms; learning takes place flowing with relevant, updated content, and surprisingly, it is very affordable, simply marvelous!  I can, without a doubt, attest to its quality. My students have benefited tremendously, and it has been invigorating to hear them say at the end of the course that they don’t want the course to end.

In case you are interested in considering Latin@s por siempre, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to learn more about my experience.

Dr. Mercedes Meier, Miami Dade College

Since adopting Amig@s por siempre, I have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my instruction. Not having to deal with two different platforms (Canvas and the Publisher’s), being able to customize and personalize my Canvas course, and having my students work with Amig@s’ life-rich content, have helped me teach the best classes of my life.

Dr. Juan Casillas Núñez, Santa Barbara City College

I have used Amig@s Por Siempre for two semesters and am quite pleased with it. It is quite affordable, simple and clear which helps younger and older students navigate the sections quickly. Thanks to Amig@s Por Siempre, I have reduced my time spent correcting. More than 90% of my students surveyed stated that they valued the pronunciation recordings in the Palabras section. I particularly enjoy incorporating the Vida section into my curriculum as it offers the students insight into the history and culture of different Spanish speaking groups.

Danya Wahlberg, Santa Barbara City College

I have very much enjoyed teaching hybrid classes with this textbook. On the one hand, students can practice anywhere recording their voices, interacting with peers and instructors and doing online exercises and quizzes with their computers and cellphones. On the other hand, this book also offers many activities for a face-to-face class. The online book has many opportunities for students to practice what they just learned with materials designed to help students interact with other peers in class and improve their writing skills.

Best of all, the course materials only cost the student about a third of the cost of other textbooks and it is very easy to learn and manage. My students enjoyed the course and had great success and satisfaction learning Spanish.

Maria Victoria Mesa Sánchez, M.A, Santa Barbara City College

I can’t remember who said that teaching second languages was a “thinking-light” discipline, but he was right. This has changed with Amig@s por siempre.

Students’ Testimonials

What I have found, is that speaking Spanish to people I know, they have noticed a big improvement from when I began the course to where I am today. I really enjoyed the class. Thank you.

Ryan Thomas

I did very well in this class and I also spent a lof of time doing my homework assignments. Plus, practicing listening skills and speaking skills. I am not perfect, but comparing the beginning of the semester up to now, I see I improved a lot.

Sunny Raymond

I enjoyed this class tremendously and I appreciate that I was able to take it online.

Lynn Schmidt